Urgent Care & Walk-In

Most medical care is available on a walk-in basis.

During times when there are many people needing urgent care, wait times may be longer and we ask for your patience as every patient deserves quality medical attention. Since the amount of people waiting and their needs are diverse, Care Medical Group can only offer a rough estimate on how long the wait may be at any given time. Our waiting room offers many amenities to enhance your experience including warm beverages, basic entertainment and a courtesy call system. If estimated wait times are longer than an hour, our Front Desk team will ask you to provide your cell phone number and will call or text you when you are next in queue.

Care Medical Group’s procedures and policies are designed to see walk-in patients in the order of arrival; however, emergencies always take top priority to prevent loss of life and to stabilize the patient. This may lead to longer wait times.

Pro Tips:

  • dress comfortably
  • bring entertainment such as a book, tablet, or word puzzle
  • bring a mobile phone to be able to utilize our courtesy call system
  • check out CARE MEDICAL GROUP FORMS to cut down on paperwork time.