Patient Reviews

Went to Care Medical thinking I had the flu, and while they didn’t find the flu (or COVID, thank goodness), they did suspect something more nefarious after running a battery of tests and insisted instead that I go immediately to the ER due to suspicions they developed from the tests.

At first I resisted, but Dr. Wei was so emphatic that I go, so I relented and headed to the ER. It turned out that there WAS something serious going on and had I not gone to the ER, it might have gone south pretty quickly and could have ended up being really bad.


My family and I are so very grateful to Melissa and Dr. Wei for their assistance and for showing my concerns so much attention and for their incredibly professional compassion.


I have worked with Care Medical in a professional capacity at my job for several years and this is the first time I’ve had to use their services for personal reasons. I can totally understand why my employer trusts them for pre-employment testing.


Thank you, Care Medical!



Dear Dr. Wei, I wanted to thank you for taking care of my son when he injured himself. He had just graduated from college and had a job away from home. Since I live in Olympia and he now resides in Bellingham, it was a very helpless feeling when he called and told me what had happened. I don’t know if I can ever get across to you how much of a relief it was to me that you were taking such good care of him. He said that you genuinely cared. Someday I would love to have the honor of shaking your hand in gratitude for what you have done for my family.

– K.M.

Without you…I would have been miserable. Thank you for being there most when I really needed it, I would have never known I had an ear infection. I know it hurt, but I never knew you could help me so much. Thank you.

– B.D.

Dear Dr. Wei, Costanti, Vandervort and all the Staff with Care Medical Group,
Thank you so much…, you made two ladies very happy with this kind and beautiful gesture! You all have been very professional and have given me great care!!

– M. J.

Dear Care Medical Group, Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys were so great to our family and our beautiful daughter when she needed stitches. From the front desk to the providers and medical staff, SUPER GREAT TREATMENT! We could not have been more pleased. Our daughter is doing great. Her stitches are still in, and the process has been relatively painless-all because you did such a phenomenal job! Thanks Again!

– J. D.

Dr. Wei and staff,
Thank you for providing such warm care to me recently when I was experiencing a major migraine, and in my follow-up visit. Though a bit surprised to be sent for an MRI, I am very grateful as it shared an abnormality that led to a recent diagnosis. Thankfully I am asymptomatic and will be soon-starting disease-modifying injections in hopes that I will remain asymptomatic for years, and possibly forever. J I didn’t want your good work to go un-noticed. From the front-office staff to the medical assistants and nurses- to you, Dr. Wei, I couldn’t have asked for such kind hands. Thank you.

– N. A.

To Johnson, PA and Nurse,
It’s been over a month now since I was Care Medical Urgent Care for my stomach pains. I feel like a completely new person. Both of you treated me so kindly, with dignity and took my concerns to heart. I don’t remember feeling this good, and I have you both to thank. Thank you for being so thorough in taking care of me and for making a diagnosis that has changed how I feel EVERYDAY since our visit.

– K. G.

Dr. Wei and Staff,
Just wanted to send a note to say thank you for taking such good care of us. You are all awesome and we appreciate you very much!!

– L. L.

I was very impressed with Dr. Wei’s care and compassion – he went the extra mile. My Dad is a physician and Dr. Wei did everything he would have done.

– M. M.

Thank you Dr. Wei for giving me a second chance at life. Thank you for suggesting I have an EKG and then further evaluation for the abnormal results. The EKG resulted in a life saving cardiac procedure. If it had not been for you, I would never have thought anything was wrong. Who knows what could have happened.

D. C.

Dr. Wei was exceptional and I was pleased to be able to make a follow up appointment specifically with him. The nurses went above and beyond.

– C. J.

I want to thank all the staff of Care Medical for the attention I received concerning my toe. I had came into the clinic at 10AM with concerns because my small toe on my right foot had gone from purple to black. Because of the quick response by the staff I was admitted into St. Joseph Hospital at 4PM and the doctors were able to save my toe. Had I waited even 1 more day the outcome would surely have been different. The test results showed that I had about 50% blockage in the Iliac Artery near the Aorta and they performed vascular surgery to open up the artery the following day. I was released from the hospital on Saturday and the color has been restored to my toe. Please pass on my gratitude to the Dr. and the staff of the clinic for the excellent care I received.

– L. M.

I wanted to say that recently, I visited your clinic and was seen by Dr. Wei. I feel compelled to state that Dr. Wei has a very impressive manner in which he addresses and interacts with his patients. He is patient and actually listens to the patient and the patient doesn’t have a sense of being rushed or dismissed. He is also very knowledgeable and combined with his kind and thoughtful manner; this makes him an overall exceptional doctor and one that I would not hesitate to make an appointment with in the future.

– D. M.

I wish I could schedule appointments with Mark Vandervort 24/7. He has diagnosed some serious illnesses a couple times. I ended up with surgery once which saved my life. I recommend this clinic any day.

– J. A.

Dr. Wei and his staff were all courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable. The whole staff epitomizes professionalism. Dr. Wei specifically has a wonderful bedside manner, he was extremely thorough, which gave me the much needed peace of mind. He is also the first doctor I have had, that I can recall, who actually knew more about my rare bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta. What a breath of fresh air this experience was.

– H. M.