It’s time to schedule your annual wellness visit. Don’t miss out on this free and valuable service. Call us today!

1. Starting in 2012, health insurance plans now cover the cost of getting a yearly wellness physical. Regardless of your insurance plan, there should not be a co-pay or deductible, essentially providing you a completely free service. We can verify this for you upon your scheduling an appointment.

2. You are eligible for this valuable preventative service once every 12 months so take advantage of this service now.

3. The wellness service will be comprehensive in nature, including a review of your medical and family history and an assessment of your current health and prescriptions, in addition to any tests and screenings recommended for your personalized care needs.

4. By completing an annual wellness visit you are taking the right steps to take charge of your health. It’s a gift worth giving to yourself.

5. Convenient appointment hours are available. Contact the office today!